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From $4M to $100 M

Go Big Time

From $10M to $400 M

Let’s Get Serious

With a minimum of $10,000 you can act as the bank and earn up to 10% in growth over a three to four month period of time.  Maximum contribution allowed is $250,000.  This will allow the possibility of around 24% growth in a  year.

With a LLC partnership for a limited time.  Your investment will grow over a three year period.  If you have over $200,000 with the team, at the end of the term, the assets are liquidated with 50% of all profits go to you in addition to your additional outlay.

All of the larger projects need to viewed over years.  We turn the larger projects into entities on their own.  With a LLC limited partnership  no longer than 5 years we target larger projects, i.e., hotels, retail real estate, hospitals and retirement communities.  At the end of our agreement, will be different options for liquidation, transfer and/or buyout.

From $250k to $3M

From $10k to $3M

With a LLC in place the partnership, depending on the project will span from 3 to 5 years with an enormous earning potential.  These projects earn so much because of where these projects are needed.  Some of these projects may not be in just real estate.  Large scale projects bring large scale profits and positive cash flow.

Be the Bank

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