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These are the projects that the team is working on right now.   This is the order of completion.   Shamokin is being worked on now.  The others will follow.

Convert two 5 bedroom 1 bath SFR to one 7 bedroom  4 bath SFR

Hook’s Tavern is being changed to

Hook’s Rootbeer Tavern micro-brewery

First 4 bedroom three bath modular home in Cincinnati

Build a robotic manufacturing plant for the “I car” model A

Restore quadruples or convert to Hook’s


“I Car” Factory, Detroit


Granite City


Project List

The Shamoken St; Project.

140-142 Shamoken St, Shamoken, PA

140 Shamoken St. had been abandoned for over 20 years.  The roof did little to stop the water from passing through every floor of this lath and plaster house.  Most of the fixtures had been stolen and the copper had been taken by the neighbor.  These two houses became a blank pallet for the IEG team to upgrade.  By using 21st century technology we can offer near modern opulence in a 1890 backdrop.


Before anything else should be done the water must be stopped.,  Done!  Next!

Next we need to remove all the bad plaster.

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