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The Intrepid Engineering Group (IE Group) is a company driven to help recover the earth.  Many of the things that we do are the things that should have been done years ago by other companies.  Everything that we do helps create sustainability. For example, our real estate division of the IE Group is recovering property and restoring communities.

Our motley crew works tirelessly restoring to better then new, our properties that are distressed in communities that are also distressed.  Many of our projects have ongoing benefits to the communities we are involved with. 

Our goal is to provide ongoing benefit to the communities we are involved with. Over the next two years, our development team for the real estate division will construct over one hundred, three or four bedroom homes that are not only off the grid, but are among the strongest homes ever made.

We have other projects that are not real-estate, including the manufacturing of a highly fuel-efficient 3 wheeled vehicle, bio-fuel production, energy production, pure water production and hydrogen.

The IE Group team is made up of many great members all dedicated to the concept of Earth Recovery Now.  The IE Group is there for the long haul.  We will be active in the preservation of all product we produce or restore.

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