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Conversion of this property and its annex to be a 50 unit semi-luxury assisted living facility with a 20 bed skilled nursing facility and a urgent care center.

Project summary

· Property in hand

· City permits ready

· Designs in hand

· Ready for construction

Price: $3 million

Charles Schwab, President of both U.S. & Bethlehem Steel in addition to being partner of Andrew Carnegie - noted as the "World's Richest Man" - constructed this beautiful PA property

as a gift in honor of his wife, who was born nearby. Seldom in a lifetime does a private individual have the rare opportunity to acquire such an achievement in architectural excellence. The Schwabs donated the landmark property to the State in 1903 where it was dedicated as a Monumental Public Building and School.

           Located nearby you will find shopping, a large modern hospital, ski resorts, Pocono Casino Resorts, the Penn State University campus, a private aircraft airport and various state parks

Step 1: The Clean up


This is a two building project which includes a 22,000 square foot building called the Annex and the main house.  There is damage to the roof and debris on the main floor. The entire first floor needs to be scraped, cleared and cleaned.  All  floors need to be cleared of debris and prepped for construction.


Step 2: Assess the damage


           Along with the fire damage repairs many of the innovations need to be incorporated into the buildings design and all appropriate permits must be gathered. Plans for roof replacement in the Annex and second stoop plans with access for handicapped access and main building access.


Step 3: The Renovation


On the first floor the forward parlor will be used as a common greeting room for guests and family. Two thirds of the first floor will be the Urgent Care center for the facility and community. The kitchen area will provide meals for guests either in the guest’s rooms or in the common dining area. The office will be on the third floor near the theatre. The study will be the doctor/ nursing receiving office. The vault wiThe second floor will have an in-house, 25 bed skilled nursing facility


The third floor will continue to be the theatre for live and multimedia presentations for guests and their families.


This property will be with a minimum carbon footprint. It will reduce tenant costs and all energy costs are included in the rent. Two specific changes will be made, Photovoltaic and Geo-thermal Heating. These two building wide changes that will be included in the renovation. During the repair the duct exchange units, solar piping, LED lighting and rooftop high efficiency solar cells (on the Annex building) for both buildings. All control equipment and batteries will be in the Annex.


Estimated time of completion, six months after closing.


ll be the medication dispensary

Schwab assisted living center

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